Stimulus Discussions Might Be Held During the DNC

The Democratic National Convention will have a completely different look when it kicks off on Monday evening with an all-virtual program that will run through Thursday. Expected to garner plenty of attention over the next few days, one thing many Americans will be keeping an eye on is the topic of a second stimulus package after talks between the two sides came to a standstill and whether or not it is brought up during any of the messages.

Fueling the rumors that the stimulus plan would be brought up is the fact that House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer D-N.Y., will both be scheduled to make appearances. The former will be speaking on Wednesday with Schumer scheduled to attend the meeting. While in-person discussions regarding relief funds will unlikely happen with the Democrats tied up with the convention, there is likely to be some type of strategizing going on at some point during the festivities, whether it be behind-the-scenes or in any of the messages. The Republicans will be hosting their convention the following week from Aug. 24-27, which also will be held virtually after being canceled from its original location in Jacksonville, Florida. With both parties tied up for the rest of August, talks between those two sides will also likely come to a stall.

With Congress going into a recess and not set to return until after Labor Day, any agreement on a new plan would likely not come until mid-September at the earliest. If everything went quickly upon their return and the two sides figure out an agreement within the first few days of being back, President Donald Trump could sign a bill as soon as Sept. 10. For Americans awaiting a $1,200 check, this would mean the IRS could begin getting direct deposits out as early as the following week.

The DNC — which the party initially scheduled for July before postponing it — will be highlighted by former vice president Joe Biden accepting the party’s nomination for president on Thursday evening, along with his running mate, Kamala Harris, speaking on Wednesday. A who’s who of speakers are scheduled throughout the week, including New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has been at the forefront over the past few months amid the pandemic, along with former First Lady, Michelle Obama. Hillary Clinton also will speak on Wednesday.