Stimulus Checks: White House Chief of Staff Updates Status of Relief Talks

As Americans are well aware, Congress has still not been able to come to an agreement regarding a second stimulus package. Amidst failing negotiations, politicians on both sides of the aisle have criticized one another, blaming the other side for this impasse. During a recent interview with CBS This Morning, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows spoke about where stimulus relief stands today and shared some strong words for the Democrats in the process.

Meadows was asked where stimulus negotiations stand today. In response to that question, the president's Chief of Staff said that he blames the Democrats for this impasse, saying that they have "failed" the American people. "This president is the only one in D.C. to have acted on those issues. As you know, I was on Capitol Hill over the weekend," Meadows said. "But, we've been on Capitol Hill for the last three or four weeks. Our Democrats on Capitol Hill have failed to come together on anything that would address enhanced unemployment, eviction protection." He went on to share that President Donald Trump took matters into his own hands by issuing several economic relief orders at the beginning of August to try and extend economic relief programs. Meadows also echoed Trump's own, inappropriate term for the coronavirus as he explained that the disease has made a serious impact on the country's economy.

"So, what did this president do? He took unprecedented executive action to do exactly that, to make sure that unemployment benefits continue, to make sure that they didn't get evicted," Meadows continued. "But, I'm calling on Congress to come together. This president is willing to sign it. Hopefully, we'll get something done. But, we know that we have had unbelievable economic pressure 'cause of this China virus and this president is acting to try to return it to what we experienced three years prior [sic]." Meadows has frequently blamed the Democrats for not taking action on the next stimulus package, despite the fact that House Democrats passed their own stimulus proposal — the HEROES Act — in May, months before Senate Republicans unveiled their own plan — the HEALS Act.

Even though there has been an impasse, Meadows explained that the White House would still be open to stimulus-related discussions, as Forbes noted. “If we agree on five or six things, let's go ahead and pass those,” he said. “I spoke to the president early this morning. He's willing to sign that, including Postal Service reform and making sure that the money is there to make sure that deliveries of first class mail are handled quickly, efficiently and on time.”