Stimulus Check: Nancy Pelosi Says Relief Bill Talks Are 'Complicated' by GOP's 'Complete Disarray'

Congress has yet to agree on another stimulus package. Over the past several weeks, Democrats and Republicans have been trying to hammer out details about the next stimulus package without success. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has some strong words for Republicans, whom she blames for failed stimulus negotiations.

Pelosi wrote a letter to her Democratic colleagues on Saturday in which she blamed Republicans for this impasse. According to CNN, she wrote that negotiations have been "complicated by the complete disarray on the Republican side — as President Donald Trump contradicts his own negotiators and his own position." She also directed her criticism to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in the letter. Pelosi said that McConnell and Republicans are refusing to provide further funding to states and local governments, which she referred to as a "significant obstacle" amidst deliberations.

Pelosi's letter marked the three-month anniversary since the House passed the HEROES Act, a $3 trillion stimulus package that was introduced by House Democrats. Republicans have long been wary of the proposal's lofty price tag. In July, Senate Republicans unveiled their own plan, the HEALS Act, which would cost $1 trillion. However, Democrats, such as Pelosi, do not believe that figure is enough to help the many Americans who need assistance amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. At the moment, Senate has formally adjourned and the House of Representatives will not be holding any floor votes until mid-September. As a result, it's unclear when Democrats and Republicans will be able to negotiate and come to an agreement regarding the next stimulus package.


One thing that Pelosi has made clear is that Democrats will be ready to negotiate once Republicans are willing to consider a $2 trillion price tag for the stimulus package. Amidst stimulus-related deliberations, Pelosi has frequently opened up about her criticisms for the Republicans' "piecemeal" approach when it comes to economic relief. She said, in late July, "Republicans in the Senate came back with a piecemeal approach. Clearly, they and perhaps the White House does not understand the gravity of the situation. This is a freight train that is picking up steam." She also cautioned, in mid-August, that if Congress is unable to come to an agreement sometime in the next few weeks that "people will die" without necessary financial relief.