State of the Union 2019: Nancy Pelosi's Facial Expressions Take Center Stage

Nancy Pelosi's facial expressions during President Donald Trump's State of the Union Address captured viewers' attention on social media.

The Speaker of the House sat on President Trump's left side as he gave his speech, mostly focusing on messages of unity, the wall alongside the Mexico-U.S. border and the different accomplishments his administration has had in the past year.

Twitter users did not hesitate to comment on Pelosi's demeanor during the speech, which ranged from frustrated to at-times supportive.

"The inside of Nancy's mouth is going to be raw from her having to chew on it to control her face during Trump's speech tonight," one user wrote on social media.

"Nancy Pelosi is about to stroke out!" another user wrote, joking on the politicians' forced straight face.

"Nancy Pelosi's pursed lips are my spirit animal," a third commenter said.

In one particular moment during the address, Trump brought up the fact that more women had been elected into public office than ever before, bringing a standing ovation throughout the chambers for the first time in the night.

Pelosi captured viewers' attention at that point, as she was seen mouthing "they're all on this side," pointing at the many female Democratic representatives wearing white. The acknowledgment also lead to a massive response from the whole house and chants of "USA."

"Nancy Pelosi stands for every quote she plans to use against Trump one day and I'm here for it," one user wrote.

Many followers seemed curious when they noticed Pelosi reading some papers as the president went on with his speech. The pieces of paper were believed to be a transcript of the president's address.

"I... do not recall past Speakers holding up the printed text of the speech during the address," conservative commentator Jim Geraghty tweeted.

"I wish Nancy would pay attn as to when she needs to sit down... she has her head buried in those papers," another user commented.

"Nancy giving a little confused clap there is a mood tbh," another Twitter user wrote, relating to Pelosi.


"ROFL! Nancy looks like her head could explode at any moment...this is the most entertaining #SOTU ever!" Another user commented.