Starbucks' Secret Hack Transforms Menu Item Into Unique Summer Treat

Summer is just around the corner, and a Starbucks menu hack is here to transform one of the coffee chain's standard menu items into a warm-weather treat. Inspired by the classic orange and vanilla combination of a creamsicle, a writer at Totally the Bomb has created a new addition to Starbucks' secret menu meant to invoke fond memories of being a kid at the beach with the iconic treat in your hand.

The foundation of the drink is Starbucks' Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, which, as its name would suggest, serves as the overall vanilla flavor for the orange and white drink. According to the recipe for the secret item, dubbed an Orange Dreamsicle Float, the first step is to order a Tall Vanilla Bean Frappuccino in a Venti cup, which will leave space for the drink's numerous add-ons. You must also come prepared with a bottle of orange juice, which you can buy from the Grab and Go section of Starbucks. (If you're thinking of bringing some orange juice from home, don't, because Starbucks can only make drinks with ingredients from their stores.)

The orange juice is the base of the drink, and you should ask the barista to fill up the cup with juice to the third line. Next, ask them to pour the Vanilla Bean Frappuccino on top of the juice before finishing the whole thing off with Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam and whipped cream. They will then hand it to you, and your tastebuds will instantly scream "Summer!" as you sip the creamy drink, which will taste largely sweet with some citrus mixed in.

As is the case with many Starbucks "secret menu" items, most baristas likely won't know this creation by its name, so be sure to ask for it by explaining the specific steps. If you do order the Orange Dreamsicle Float at certain Starbucks locations, you may be able to participate in the chain's Borrow A Cup program, which was launched at five locations in the Seattle area and will run until May 31 in an effort to be more environmentally friendly.

The program allows customers at the select stores to order their drink in a reusable cup for a $1 refundable deposit, which they will get back after scanning and depositing the cup at one of the stores contactless return kiosks. Customers will then receive a $1 credit to their Starbucks Rewards account, as well as 10 Bonus Stars. Then, a company named GO Box will collect, cleans and sanitize the cups before getting them back out for use in under 48 hours.