Starbucks' Christmas Tree Frappuccino Fuels Social Media Frenzy

There is no chain that offers seasonal beverages quite like Starbucks, and the coffee giant has come out with a new Frappuccino just in time for the holidays with its Christmas Tree Frappuccino for fans to decorate their Instagrams with.

The concoction starts with a peppermint-mocha blended crème base which is topped with a tree made of trendy matcha-infused whipped cream. Over that goes a caramel drizzle and candied cranberries, and the whole thing is capped with a strawberry tree "topper."

Like the majority of Starbucks' unique Frappuccinos, this one is limited edition and is available Thursday, Dec. 7 through Monday, Dec. 11.

The drink joins the chain's annual holiday cups, which this year feature intricate designs that customers can fill in themselves to create their own custom cup.

Naturally, Twitter had its own reaction to the festive drink — read on for a few of the best tweets.


Photo Credit: Twitter / @Starbucks