Snapchat Users Furious Over Latest Automatic Update

Snapchat has begun rolling out the latest version of its app, and users are not happy.

Popular app Snapchat has begun enforcing automatic updates of the latest version of its app, slowly rolling out the now much-hated version to users, which completely changes the app's design. The update shuffles around features, adding a "Discovery" page and a "Friends" page, where snapstreaks and individual stories are all grouped together.

The forced update has left users furious, many taking to Twitter to express their frustrations.

"Me going on my snapchat just to find out it updated by itself," one person tweeted.

Many people are even threatening to delete the app over the forced update.

Others are confused as to how the app managed to update when they had auto updates turned off.

One person even direct messaged Snapchat Support with an offer: how many retweets for them to get rid of the update.

The update has users scrambling for ways to revert back to the previous version of the app, many taking to Twitter with desperate pleas for help, and others posting "fixes" that don't really work. Meanwhile, some users have even created a petition in an attempt to urge Snapchat to "Remove the new Snapchat update." It has already gained more than 110,000 signatures, all the while, Snapchat's rating in the iTunes app store has plummeted from a nearly 4.0 to a 2.7 as disgruntled users give it a single-star rating.

While users aren't happy with the update, it seems that Snapchat expected there to be some backlash, the company releasing a statement urging users to give the update a chance.

"An update as big as this one can take a little getting used to, but we hope you'll enjoy it once you settle in," a spokesperson said, the words often repeated in many of the replies Snapchat Support has tweeted.


There's no word yet on whether or not Snapchat will listen to the pleas of their users and change back to the old version of the app.