'Supermom' Sherri Papini Spotted in Rare Outing a Year After Abduction

Sherri Papini, the California woman who was allegedly kidnapped while jogging near her home last fall, made a rare public appearance while out and about with her husband on Monday.

In photos exclusive to DailyMailTV (and which you can see here), Papini can be seen at a MOD Pizza restaurant in Redding, California alongside her husband Keith. She reportedly kept her eyes down and made conversation with only Keith while she was inside the restaurant.

"Sherri did not say anything the entire time, she clung tight on to her husband and when it came to order food, she didn’t even look at anybody," a source told the Daily Mail. "Just kind of didn’t make eye contact with anybody."

The couple was also reportedly seen later that same day shopping together at Costco, according to another source.

The 35-year-old mom of two was found on the side of a highway on Nov. 24, 2016 — 22 days after she went missing while on a jog. Keith Papini said she had suffered a broken nose, had been beaten, had been branded on her shoulder and weighed a startling 87 pounds.

Papini, who was dubbed a "supermom" by her sister Sheila Koester, says she was kidnapped by two Hispanic women who could not be identified because they constantly covered their faces.

Sketches of Papini's alleged kidnappers were released this October — almost a year after the alleged kidnapping — with one described as being aged between 20 and 30 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall and with curly dark hair, thin eyebrows and pierced ears. The second woman is between 40 and 50 years old, about 5 feet 7 inches tall, with long, straight black hair with some gray in it, thick eyebrows and pierced ears.

Police also revealed that male DNA that did not belong to husband Keith was found on her clothing and said she had been texting another man before her disappearance.

"Days prior to Sherri’s disappearance, Sherri and the male acquaintance texted each in an attempt to meet while he was in California," a release from the Shasta County Sheriff's Office stated. "Sheriff’s Office detectives interviewed him in Michigan and determined he was not involved in Sherri’s disappearance."

The woman who reported to police that she saw Papini waving down drivers on the rural highway recently spoke to Inside Edition and said Papini looked "desperate."


"She seemed frantic and desperate,” Alison Sutton said. "The thing that has haunted me the most about this was the look in her eyes.”

“At night it's dark out here; it is black. There are no lights out here,” she said. “She was out in the cold in a T-shirt and I remember thinking, ‘She's got to be freezing because it was cold.”