The Exact Moment an Angry Shark Comes Aboard a Boat and Starts Freaking Out

A terrifying new video is circulating on social media showing a massive shark jumping on board a fishing boat, and it looks exactly like a scene from one of the Sharknado movies.

In the clip, which was filmed off the coast of Long Island in New York state, a fisherman watches as a mako shark violently writhes around on the deck of the vessel with its first dorsal fin lodged in the railing.

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After desperately trying to break free and dive back in the water, the shark's mouth becomes bloodied as it hits the rail several times.

Fortunately for the shark, one of the onboard crew members came up with an innovative idea to help set it free.

Captain Don Law, from Outlaw Fishing Charters, managed to tie a rope around the shark's fin as another crew member occupied the carnivore's focus by hooking it with a fishing line.

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The video shows the shark being lowered down into the water as Law cuts the rope to release it.

Typically, mako sharks measure about 10 feet long and range in weight from around 132–298 lbs. The animals are primarily known for their ability to leap up to six meters out of the water as they charge up to catch their prey.

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