Man Punches Teenage 'Sesame Street' Theme Park Worker After Refusing to Wear Face Mask

A Sesame Place employee was punched in the face by man as well as a woman after telling them to wear a face mask before entering the theme park, per the tourist attraction's policy. The 17-year-old first told them at the gate and, according to CBS 3 Philadelphia, was later approached by them while working a ride. It was then that he was struck in the face and knocked to the ground.

The suspects fled the scene with security in pursuit and eventually were able to leave the scene via their vehicle. The plates on the car were registered in New York, which is about 70 miles from the Bucks County, Pennsylvania theme park. As for the teen, he suffered a jaw injury and damage to his teeth as he was taken to a local hospital where he underwent surgery. The suspects have reportedly been identified by investigators who utilized park surveillance and transaction records to find out who the two assailants were. Police detectives remain at work on the case as they try to track down the suspected New York pair.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began and face masks became a requirement in many states, conflicts have erupted across the country. A woman was seen refusing to wear a mask while shopping at a Trader Joe's. This issue has also become prevalent with air travel, forcing some airlines to enact a "no-fly list" for anyone who refuses to cover their mouths and nose.


Face masks don't appear to be going away anytime soon as the spread of COVID-19 continues to be a tall task for the country. The United States topped five million cases recently, as many states struggle to contain the virus. Florida reached a new record for most deaths related to coronavirus on Tuesday. The threat of COVID-19 is also placing a massive strain on the education system, where the largest teachers' union is demanding more financial support in the second stimulus package to help assist in protective measures. While children and young adults are less susceptible to serious health threats from the coronavirus, schools that have already opened, like in Georgia, have proven to be a challenge to contain within the hallways.