Second Stimulus Checks: Donald Trump Tweets That He's Rejecting Nancy Pelosi's Stimulus Bill

Americans keep hoping that the second round of stimulus checks would be approved soon, but [...]

Americans keep hoping that the second round of stimulus checks would be approved soon, but President Donald Trump has dashed those hopes. In a new series of tweets, Trump says that he is rejecting Nancy Pelosi's amended stimulus bill, which was essentially the HEROES Act with roughly $1 trillion worth of financial assistance cut out. Trump says that he has ordered his "representatives to stop negotiating" with the Democrat leaders until the election is passed, presuming that he wins.

"Immediately after I win, we will pass a major Stimulus Bill that focuses on hardworking Americans and Small Business," he added. Trump then tweeted that he wants "Mitch McConnell not to delay, but to instead focus full time on approving my outstanding nominee to the United States Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett. Our Economy is doing very well." Then, Trump stated, "The Stock Market is at record levels, JOBS and unemployment also coming back in record numbers."

He continued, "We are leading the World in Economic Recovery, and THE BEST IS YET TO COME!" This statement might have been a premature claim to make, however, as CNBC reported that right after he tweeted this U.S. stocks slid "to lows of the day." The outlet added minutes later that the Dow had fallen 240 points. Finally, CNBC reported, "Dow falls 400+ points to fresh session low after Trump terminates stimulus talks."

The main question all of this raises for most Americans is, "Will we get a second stimulus check before the end of the year?" Unfortunately, there is simply no clear answer here. Trump is currently trailing behind Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in a number of polls, per the NY Times. So, if Trump does not win the election, it is uncertain if he will see that as an incentive to continue negotiating toward a new stimulus plan.