Second Stimulus Check: Nancy Pelosi Reportedly Extends House Proxy Voting Until Nov. 16

After several months, Americans are still waiting to see if a second stimulus check plan will be [...]

After several months, Americans are still waiting to see if a second stimulus check plan will be approved amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. While there is no word on yet when that may happen, it has been reported that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has extended the proxy voting option until Nov. 16. What this means in that Representatives are permitted to vote from wherever they are, rather than having to be present inside the Capitol.

The representatives can submit their votes through a colleague who is present at the Capitol, and that individual can submit the votes from up to 10 of their colleagues. The policy was first instated by Pelosi in March, and ended a 231-year requirement that each representative be physically present in order to cast their vote on a piece of legislation, per the Examiner. Understandably, this policy was enacted due to the severity and widespread nature of COVID-19, which can be potentially deadly for some citizens. Notably, this marks the third time that Pelosi has renewed the policy, as the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise in some parts of the country.

While blame has flown back and forth between Democrat and Republican leaders as to who is responsible for holding up the next coronavirus stimulus bill, Pelosi stands firm that her GOP counterparts are the ones keeping it from progressing. During a recent interview on the Sway podcast, Pelosi criticized Republican leaders for not wanting to invest more money into helping American citizens with financial relief, during the pandemic. She also blasted President Trump for wanting to have his name printed on stimulus payment relief checks.

"We have to meet their needs, not give the president a chance to just say, 'I'm going to put my name on a check, send it out, and don't talk to me about food, rent, first responders, health care workers, the virus, or anything else,'" Pelosi stated. "That's all he wants is his name on a check that goes out."

Pelosi also went on to again criticize the "skinny" stimulus package proposed by Congressional Republicans. "Fourteen million children in America are food insecure and their families as well," Pelosi asserted, referring to the millions of families who are facing potential eviction due to the financial fallout caused by the pandemic. "None of that is covered in what the Republicans have put forth. The virus needs to be crushed."