Savannah Guthrie Shares Photos of Sweet Moment When Daughter Vale Met New Baby Brother

Today's Savannah Guthrie welcomed a new baby last week and shared a video of her two-year-old daughter Vale meeting her new baby brother on Monday.

Vale is excited about the new addition.

In a sweet clip shared by Guthrie, the toddler plants a kiss on little Charley's head and says, "I love you, baby brother."

The co-host also recalled the moment Vale first met Charley.

“Charley was in his bassinet when she walked in and then I put a lollipop in the bassinet,” she said. “So Vale went, ‘Oh baby brother — OH lollipop!’”

The whole family has been adjusting to the little bundle of joy.


The talk show host gushed about her husband, Mike Feldman.

“He already was super daddy, but now he’s super-SUPER daddy. He and Vale are so tight. It’s just so lovely and beautiful,” she said. “We just feel so thankful.”