Sasha Obama Reveals New Blue Hairdo at DC Music Festival

Sasha Obama debuted her new blue hairstyle at Broccoli City Fest in Washington D.C. over the weekend, where President Obama's daughter partied with her friends and a few celebrities.

The former president's youngest daughter dyed the bottom half of her hair blue for the four-day festival, where she spent a lot of time in the VIP section long with her friends and her entourage. In photos published by Daily Mail, she appeared to be having a good time.

See the photos here.

Sasha reportedly showed the most enthusiasm for performances by H.E.R. and Daniel Caesar. The 16-year-old also got the chance to go back stage, where she hung out with rappers Cardi B and Offset.

"She looked as though she had no care in the world," photographer Dee Dwyer told the outlet. "She was in a big group and was partying to the music."

Dwyer said that she thought Sasha was "having the time of her life." He added that he was surprised to see Sasha at the festival, as he usually snaps pictures of her older sister, Malia.

"She was loose and having a good time," he said. "She was in the zone. I have never seen Sasha partying like that. It is normally Malia. She was going all out. I normally go to the festival to take pictures and I was there partying. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her there - it's a festival where people are smoking and drinking."

Sasha is a junior in high school. She attends an exclusive institution known as Sidwell Friends School, where alumni include former first lady Nany Reagan and popular TV scientist Bill Nye.

She got the chance to take a picture with Cardi B and Offset during the festival. The famous hip hop couple has been in the headlines a lot recently, as Cardi B has not been shy about addressing her fiance's infidelity in her new music.

However, they appear to be on good terms, posing together with Sasha. They have spent several weeks on tour, where they had no less than two encounters with law enforcement.


On April 5, their caravan of Black SUVs was pulled over in North Carolina, where police found 420 grams of marijuana, 26 ounces of codeine and several Xanax pills. Three members of the band's entourage were reportedly charged, and one was arrested.

They also ran into trouble last week, when a fight broke out between Migos' entourage and hotel staff after a show in Las Vegas. Once again, no band members were arrested, and pregnant Cardi B was reportedly rushed out of harm's way by a member of her security team.