Sandra Bullock Credits This Workout For Her Perfectly Toned Body

It's hard not to be enamored by Sandra Bullock. The Academy Award-winning actress is beautiful, hilarious and everyone's favorite FBI-agent-turned-beauty-queen. Even at 52, the Gravity star has a seriously fit bod (seriously, how do we get her legs?). Bullock's trainer, Simone De La Rue, owns one of the most popular fitness studios for the stars — in addition to Bullock, Body By Simone is home to celebs like Julianne Hough, Anne Hathaway and Naomi Watts.

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The Body By Simone training technique combines dance cardio, yoga and Pilates for an intense workout session and De La Rue says that Bullock is one of her most dedicated students.

"Sandy has completely transformed her body since starting BBS," De La Rue told "She puts in an hour a day, six times a week! She is extremely motivated and driven."

So what do those hour-long workout sessions look like? De La Rue says her full-body, hour-long workout sesh uses cardio (like dancing, jumping rope and rebounding), then alternates between 10 minutes of high-intensity exercises that work different parts of the body. She's a big fan of new-age fitness equipment (like the resistance band and Pilates ball) and says her three go-to moves are the pony kick with a Pilates ball, the bicep curl with a resistance band, and triceps extensions with a resistance band.

resistance band curl

For Bullock's role in Gravity, being in fabulous shape was hugely important, and she says she trained incredibly hard.

"I pushed my body to the extreme. Strength-wise, I had to know I could do anything [the director] asked of me at any given point, so not a day went by that we didn't train," Bullock said.

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(Photo: Getty / AFP / Robyn Beck)

So we know that she trained extensively with De La Rue, but more specifically, it turns out that Bullock grew to love the dance aspect of the workouts. After all, there's a reason that dancers' bodies are some of the most sought-after bods! Dance improves your core strength, balance, coordination, muscle tone... the benefits are endless, especially for an actress about to embark on a simulated zero-gravity role!

"Because Sandra was so fit, she could hold herself really well in some of the most difficult positions," Bullock's stunt double Stephanie Carey said. "Zero gravity is really not an easy thing to pull off convincingly. The strain would often show in our faces."

gravity fetal position sandra bullock
(Photo: Photo via YouTube)

But Bullock is a pro, and the film's stunt coordinator Franklin Henson even said that she would work out during filming breaks.

"We had long periods between shots for set-up and lighting, so Sandra would always pop back to her trailer and do dance workouts for an hour or so, a few times a day," Henson said.


So now that we know her secret... who's ready to sign up for some dance classes?

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