Samantha Markle Claims She Successfully Handed off Letter to Meghan Markle to Palace Guards

Samantha Markle's trip to Kensington Palace may not have been a complete royal waste of time.

Markle, the estranged half-sister to the now Duchess of Sussex, was turned away by palace guards upon her arrival to the royal palace this past weekend, though she seems to have managed to securely deliver her sister a letter and she is confident that Meghan has read it.

"I can't tell you what I wrote in the letter but I think I accomplished my goal and we'll just have to wait and see how it was received," Markle said in a satellite interview with DailyMailTV on Monday. "I wanted to express some sentiments and set some records straight. I can't give the details of that but I really wanted the world and really my sister and the British Royal family to know what happened and know the truth about a lot of things."

While she would not disclose the exact contents of the letter, she stated that it concerned their father, Thomas Markle Sr., who was forced to skip the royal wedding due to a health scare and was caught in a scandal with paparazzi.

Markle had arrived in London a week earlier in an attempt to extend "an olive branch" to her sister, following the family feud that has rocked headlines for months, dating as far back as even before the May 19th royal wedding. The Duchess of Sussex's refusal to respond to the publicity only seemed to further the rift between herself and her half-sister, whom Meghan hasn't spoken to in years.

Although not invited to Kensington Palace, Markle showed up unannounced, with photos showing the exact moment that she was turned away, though Markle still said it was a "wonderful experience."

"I wasn't trying to crash anything, I'm very polite and respectful. I was not turned away from Kensington Palace. I'm pretty mature, I'm pretty composed, I'm not the kind of person that's turned away," Markle explained. "I was very respectful and I went there to deliver a letter. Nobody was turned away, nobody was disrespectful and it was a wonderful experience. It was a nice experience and nobody was mean to me at all, I was quite surprised."


Just prior to her unannounced visit, and while in London, Markle's attitude towards Meghan seemed to shift. During an appearance on Jeremy Vine's Channel 5 show, Markle issued an apology to the new royal, claiming that "there's so much water under the bridge" and that "hurt feelings" led to the feud that got "out of control."

Markle has since returned to her home in Ocala, Florida.