Protesters Censored as House Passes GOP Tax Bill

The U.S. House of Representative voted once again today to pass the GOP tax bill, but protesters tried their hardest to get a word in on the telecast.

The audio in the live proceedings was cut repeatedly today as protesters who opposed of the bill shouted throughout Paul Ryan's speeches. Reporters on the scene say that citizens in the room were yelling and chanting things like, "Kill the bill, don't kill us!"

In the video below, House Speaker Paul Ryan seems totally unperturbed as his floor time is interrupted by a woman shouting "You lie! You lie! You starve America!"

The audio cuts out for nearly 30 seconds as the person yelling is escorted from the room. Paul Ryan and others in the room laugh as they get back to business.

"They control the audio, that's what they do," said John King on CNN after the audio was cut on protesters on the network today.

The tax reform bill was passed at 12:56 p.m. today, with polls showing that it had the support of less than 33 percent of the American people. The approval rating is even lower than the House of Representatives' last attempt to raise taxes.

The bill passed the House yesterday as well, though the Senate determined that it violated the budget rules of reconciliation. The senate reconvened at 1 a.m. this morning to pass the bill, leaving only a the second vote by the House this afternoon.


President Trump has referred to the bill as his "Christmas gift" to the American middle class.

No Democrats voted for the bill in either the Senate or the House.