Prince Philip Sends Well Wishes to Car Accident Victims

Prince Philip has reportedly sent out well wishes to the other victims involved in his recent car accident.

According to TMZ, Prince Philip made an effort to communicate with the two women in the other vehicle who were hurt, and all three reportedly had a good exchange.

The accident took place while the 97-year-old Prince was driving his brand new Land Rover around the Royal family's Sandringham Estate. Coincidentally, it was reportedly the same model as one that had an accident in just one day prior.

The Prince was personally operating the vehicle when he collided with a Kia and his SUV flipped over on its side.

Ever since the accident, his family has reportedly been urging him to give up driving, but he is said to be reluctant to do so, per a conversation that PEOPLE had with the Prince's friend and biographer Gyles Brandreth.

“He is a pragmatist and a realist and I’m sure he will accept that while possibly muttering under his breath,” he stated, adding that he believes the Prince is hesitant to give up driving because of a feeling that its one less thing he's allowed to do for himself in old age.

“One of the frustrations of getting older is your world is shrinking. And his life has become more circumscribed,” Brandreth explained. “He visits old friends but it’s frustrating as you grow older to find your world is getting smaller. The independence for an old person to be able to get into their car and just go down the road is a wonderful thing.”

Brandreth — who is the author of Philip and Elizabeth: A Portrait of a Royal Marriage — was also asked how he thinks the Prince would responded to being asked to "slow down" a little in life, to which the historian replied, “I’m not sure he will react too well to that. Everyone will be telling him to slow down – from his wife, to his insurers to the Norfolk constabulary. Knowing him a little, I don’t think he is going to welcome advice to slow down.”


“He is 97 – and still walking without a stick, still carriage driving and still living his life his way," Brandreth added. "I’m sure this morning, as well as being grateful he’s survived, he will be concerned for the other people involved and shaken by this experience.”

Following the accident, the Duke was taken to a nearby hospital for "precautionary" measures, just to make certain he was not badly injured. He was released a short while later.