Prince Charles' Latest Routine Has Amplified Queen Elizabeth Health Woes

Prince Charles has reportedly been visiting his mother, Queen Elizabeth II quite a lot, but the routine has some people in the royal circle nervous. According to a report by The Sun, the Prince of Wales has been making a point to travel to Balmoral Castle and visit his 96-year-old mother nearly every day now that she is no longer traveling. Some insiders reportedly fear that this could expose the queen to new pathogens.

Queen Elizabeth has been staying at Balmoral in Scotland for quite some time now, and she has decided not to leave even to appoint the new Prime Minister next month. At her age, it's inevitable that some health problems have amassed over the years, including some recent "mobility issues" and an increased risk of infection with COVID-19. Royal experts say that even if she weren't in isolation, these frequent visits from her son would be unusual. Majesty Magazine reporter Ingrid Seward explained that the royal family can't usually spend time together the way an average family does.

"It's highly unusual for Prince Charles to make these kinds of impromptu visits to see his mother," Seward said. "But Charles is a very thoughtful person – and who else can she rely on now Prince Philip has gone? Everyone thinks they normally see each other all the time, but they don't. They often blame it on the geography because everyone is scattered all around the country."

Prince Charles has reportedly been using all the gaps available in his schedule to stop by and visit his mother, but of course, it's unclear what they are discussing when they meet. The queen is not alone at Balmoral, either – Prince Andrew is staying there amid allegations of sexual assault and participation in sex trafficking.

Prince Andrew and the queen have reportedly been spending time together at Balmoral since her arrival, with frequent discussion of the prince's future. Prince Andrew could still face criminal charges in the U.S. for his alleged attack on Virginia Giuffre. Meanwhile, the prince has reportedly asked the queen to reinstate some of his royal titles and positions.

While these private visits have carried on, the queen's public appearances have been relatively sparse. She has not been seen at church services since arriving at Balmoral, and her decision not to appoint the new Prime Minister is a momentous one. However, the royal family has not announced any new details on the monarch's health.