Pregnant Duchess Meghan Markle's Father Thomas Accuses Daughter of 'Ghosting' Him

Thomas Markle Sr. says that he has been "shunned and ghosted" by his daughter, Meghan Markle, despite repeated attempts to contact her.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain in his first television interview since Kensington Palace announced Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were expecting their first child together, Markle Sr. opened up about his strained relationship with his daughter, revealing that while he texts her "every day," he has only been met with more silence.

"I have been ghosted. I am very disappointed by it. I am not sure why it is happening. I [have] been reaching out. I have been trying to reach out for several weeks," he said. "Every day [I] send a text, I just haven't got anything back. I just keep asking for her to respond back to me and I haven't got any response back. I have sent letters."

"There has to be a place for me, I'm her father. I will be the grandfather to the children," he said. "All I can say is that I'm here, she knows it, and I've reached out to her and I need her to reach back to me. I love her very much."

His daughter isn't the only one who appeared to be ghosting him, either, as he also claimed that the Duchess' mother, Doria Ragland, has cut ties with him seemingly due to the paparazzi stunt that was revealed just prior to the May 19 royal wedding and the series of scathing interviews in the weeks after.

In the interview, Markle Sr. went on to speak directly to his daughter in the hopes that she was watching the broadcast.

"I love you very much, you're my daughter and I'd really like to hear from you," he said. "Whatever differences or problems we have we should be able to work them out, we're family. Please reach out to me."

Markle Sr. also appealed to the queen, asking for help in reuniting him with the Duchess of Sussex.


"I would think that she would want to resolve family problems," he said. "All families, royal or otherwise, are the same, and they should all be together certainly around the holidays."

Meghan, who is expected to give birth in the spring, has not publicly commented on her relationship with her father since just before the royal wedding when she announced in a statement that he would be unable to attend. Sources have alleged that she has "completely cut" her father off and has no intention of speaking to him again.