Post-Tropical Cyclone Nestor Threatens Southeast US

The Southeast U.S. just recently had a brush with severe weather in the form of Hurricane Dorian, but it appears Mother Nature has more in store for the region. The National Hurricane Center issued a bulletin on Saturday morning warning those in the area (and especially along the Gulf and East Coasts) of Post-Tropical Cyclone Nestor. The storm system will cause all sorts of life-threatening weather, should they proceed as projected.

One of the most prominent dangers is storm surge, which is quickly rising coastal waters.

"There is a danger of life-threatening storm surge inundation of up to 4 feet above ground level along the Florida Gulf Coast from Indian Pass to Clearwater Beach, where a Storm Surge Warning is in effect," the NHC announcement read. "Residents in these areas should follow advice given by local officials."

In addition to storm surges, other areas not along the coast will also face another water-related danger, flash flooding.

"Isolated flash flooding is possible across the southeastern United States into Sunday morning," the report read.

The NHC also pointed out the danger of high winds, mainly along the Gulf Coast. However, they do note the winds will affect "a large area" so those not on the coast should also be cautioned.

"Tropical storm force winds will continue across portions of the Florida Gulf Coast, where tropical storm warnings are in effect," the alert read. "Regardless of the exact track and intensity of the system, these winds will cover a large area, especially east of the center."

Furthermore, the NHC noted that the National Weather Service will handle watches and warnings related to Post-Tropical Cyclone Nestor, due to the way the storm is weakening.

"Wind and coastal flooding hazards along the U.S. East Coast will be covered by non-tropical watches and warnings issued by local NWS offices, since the system is expected to lose its tropical characteristics after it moves inland along the Gulf Coast."

They added, "No strengthening is anticipated before Nestor moves inland later this afternoon. Some slight weakening will occur after the center moves inland, but gale-force winds are expected develop over the Atlantic waters of northeastern Florida to the Carolinas this afternoon and tonight, and across the mid-Atlantic U.S. coastal waters on Sunday. The extratropical cyclone is expected to dissipate or merge with a cold front in about 4 days or sooner."


Photo Credit: Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images