Post Brings Hostess Fans' Dreams to Life With Honey Bun and Powdered Donut Cereal

Your favorite Hostess cakes are about to come in breakfast cereal form.

Thanks to a new partnership between Post and Hostess two new cereals are about to hit store shelves in the new year – Honey Bun Cereal and Donettes Cereal.

The treats, inspired by Hostess Donettes and Hostess Honey Bun, are essentially miniature versions of their full-size counterpart, and they're already earning high praise for their delicious breakfast taste.

(Photo: Post Consumer Brands)

According to Delish editors who tried the two new snacks, the Donettes Cereal is "puffier than a Cheerio" and "crunchier than the original Donettes, but with a similar powder that stays in your mouth." The tasters also added that the "powdered sugar feel is there, and it lingers like when you're eating one of the donuts."

As for the Honey Bun Cereal, it is almost indistinguishable from real Honey Buns. It was praised for its "swirl" and was said to be "sweeter than Cinnamon Toast Crunch."

The sweet treats will begin rolling out to stores in select stores towards the end of December before becoming available at all major retailers and grocery stores in January of 2019.

Hostess is just the latest brad to jump on the strange breakfast cereal bandwagon. Last month, in yet another partnership with Post, it was announced that Sour Patch Kids Cereal would hit Walmart store shelves starting on Dec. 26.

The cereal will maintain its signature kid shape and will feature "a sour coating and a sweet finish," making the cereal "sour, then sweet" just like its candy counterpart.

According to taste testers at Thrillist, the cereal perfectly "captured the essence of Sour Patch Kids… This whole sour flavor is a clear innovation." They added that the breakfast cereal "tastes like Sour Patch Fruity Pebbles, and that is not a bad thing."

"If you've ever woken up on a Saturday morning and thought, 'I sure wish it were socially acceptable to eat a bag of Sour Patch Kids right now!' this cereal is the answer to your prayers," the taste tester continued. "You can get a ton of that legendary SPK flavor in every bite of breakfast cereal."


In October, Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch also returned to store shelves just in time for the holiday season. An offshoot of the original Cinnamon Toast Crunch, the cereal was said to taste just like sugar cookies.

Other cereals to hit store shelves recently include Oreos, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, various types of cookies, and more.