Parents Release Photos of Child's Injuries After He Hydroplaned off Park Water Slide

New photos have come to light showing the injuries sustained by the 10-year-old boy who was flung [...]

New photos have come to light showing the injuries sustained by the 10-year-old boy who was flung from a water slide at The Wave Amusement Park in Dublin, Calif. this past May. The park was on its opening day at the time in question, and the slide, known as "The Emerald Plung," had been open for a mere 90 minutes when the child rocketed down it with such force that he came up over the protective wall on the side, landing directly on the concrete below. The child sustained injuries to his back, shoulder, arms, and legs, including bruises and abrasions.

The city itself runs The Wave Amusement Park, and they say that the slides were closed immediately after the incident, and will remain closed until the manufacturer can complete further safety testing.

However, the family of the injured child is moving forward with their lawsuit, and photographs of the injuries have only just now been released. They depict wide scrapes and cuts at each point of impact on the child's body, clearly indicating where he landed as he bounced and slid across raw concrete.

The city of Dublin says that they've taken every appropriate safety measure since the accident. They also indicate that they tried to reach a settlement with the victim's family, but the family and their lawyer were uncooperative. According to the city, the family's lawyer refused to provide information about the child's injuries to the park during the investigation.

The 10-year-old was immediately taken to the hospital after his fall, and treated for his scrapes and contusions. No information has been released about any long-term effects the child might be suffering. The lawsuit is ongoing.

Graphic content warning! The photos of the boy's injuries are below.

(Photo: KTVU Fox 2)
(Photo: KTVU Fox 2)