Oreo S'mores Reportedly Returning in 2019

Oreo's fans are about to get that campfire feeling while sitting on their couch when S'mores Oreos reportedly make their return to store shelves later this year.

Following on the heels of the recent additions to the cookie's ever-growing catalog of unique flavors including Carrot Cake Oreos and Mega Stuf Oreos, food blogger The Junk Food Aisle reports that one more creme-filled treat is being added to ring in the new year and get fans ready for summer: S'mores Oreos.

Last found on shelves in 2016, the flavor will reportedly make its triumphant return later this year, though an exact date has not yet been nailed down and Nabisco has not confirmed the news.

(Photo: Instagram / @thejunkfoodaisle)

Reportedly a limited-edition flavor, the cookie features graham-flavored cookies that sandwich two different types of creme filling – marshmallow and chocolate. Described as tasting "better than I remember," S'mores Oreos will also be getting a revamped package that looks a bit more campy than its original packaging from 2016.

First debuting in 2015, the S'mores Oreo is one of the most beloved flavors of the Nabisco brand cookie, and many on social media have rooted for their return ever since the last package went off the shelves.

"hey [Oreo] bring back the s'mores oreos they're the best ones you ever made," one person wrote.

Potentially granted their wish, many are eager to get their hands on the treat as soon as they hit stores.

"I can't believe there's latte, s'mores and dark chocolate flavored oreos now. I'm never eating real food again," one fan of the sweet treats said.

Despite the excitement, many are disappointed that Nabisco chose not to revamp the name of the cookie to "S'moreo."

"Whoever is on the [Oreo] marketing team that decided to go with "S'mores Oreo" instead of "S'moreo" really missed a golden opportunity," one person wrote.


While they haven't publicly received the seal of approval from Oreo, The Junk Food Aisle has been right about a number of other upcoming Oreo additions in the past, including the Mega Stuf Oreo, which they announced nearly a month in advance of Mondelez International, Oreo's parent company, confirming the news.

Along with S'mores Oreos, The Junk Food Aisle reported earlier this month that another cookie variety is being added to the lineup sometime this year – Buttered Popcorn Oreos. The cookie will reportedly be made with yellow crème filling cushioned between two golden Oreo wafers, becoming "everyone's least favorite Jelly Belly (but better!)."