Oreo Debuts Fun-Size Candy Bars in Time for Halloween

Oreo is moving in on the trick or treating market with a new Fun-Size Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar, [...]

Oreo is moving in on the trick or treating market with a new Fun-Size Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar, just in time for the season.

The latest release from Oreos is clearly Halloween themed — both in practical and marketing terms. The fun-sized candy bars consist of cookie chunks coated in milk chocolate, according to a report by PEOPLE Food. They are in small, festive packaging, available in bulk but designed for small servings.

While the current packaging designs feature cartoonish bats, full moons and an orange Halloween-ish bag, this is not intended to be a seasonal item. The new bars will reportedly be available year-round wherever candy is sold. When the month of October is out, Oreo will reissue the tiny treats in new, more conventional packaging.

This is not the cookie company's first foray into the candy aisle. Back in 2016, they introduced chocolate candy bars to the U.S., after they had done well in oversea markets. Beyond that, they are known for keeping fans on their toes with a constant stream of new and unique flavors, some of which strike a nerve while others elicit disgust.

Oreo has made plenty of other attempts to diversify their offerings. They recently tried bringing back Oreo O's cereal, and of course, at the height of fair season, there's always plenty of hype around fried Oreos.

While this may seem like a great business strategy, throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks has made Oreo the butt of a number of jokes. On social media in particular, a post about bizarre flavors or experimental products can go viral in an instant, and not always in a positive light.

"Regular oreo cookies are some of the greatest cookies," one fan tweeted, "but they feel like they have to overreach so now we have shitty oreo candy bars and a thousand questionable flavors."

Thankfully, in the case of these new candy bars, it seems to have mostly paid off.

"Dude these chocolate covered Oreo candy bars are fireeeee," one person wrote.

"So, I bought a bag of mini Oreo candy bars and I'm pretty sure I'm going to eat the whole thing and induce a chocolate coma bc that's the only way I know how to deal with this day," added another.

Oreo candy bars are available wherever candy is sold as Halloween approaches. Check out our list of Halloween season workouts for help recovering from your chocolate binge.