OnlyFans Star Kat West's Husband Convicted of Manslaughter Over Her 2018 Death

The husband of OnlyFans star Kathleen Dawn West, also known as Kat West, was found guilty of manslaughter in her January 2018 death on Friday. Jeff West was charged and convicted of reckless manslaughter, as prosecutors said West died after her husband hit her on the head with a Lucid Absinthe bottle. His attorney argued West died from an accidental fall while drunk.

Shelby County, Alabama Assistant District Attorney Daniel McBrayer told the jury Jeff wanted to kill West because of her excessive drinking and using social media to promote an adult website, reports The jury spent five hours deliberating and returned with its verdict at about 10 p.m. Shelby County Circuit Judge Bill Bostick revoked Jeff's $500,000 bond. He scheduled the sentencing for Jan. 11, 2021. The manslaughter charge is a Class B felony. Jeff could be sentenced to two to 20 years in prison.

"We maintained that he was innocent, that the evidence supported a not guilty verdict, so we’re disappointed but we have to respect the juries’ decision at this point," Jeff's attorney, John Robbins, said Friday. Robbins said his client is "stunned" and he continues to maintain he did not kill West. "It’s never going to change and all he can do is keep fighting this," Robbins said.

McBrayer told reporters his team will seek a prison term. The assistant district attorney said his office still believes this was a case of "intentional murder," as they originally charged Jeff with murder. Robbins said he will ask the court to put Jeff on probation, stating that is what West's parents would want. That is because West's parents sided with the suspect in the case. Her mother, Nancy Martin, testified on Jeff's behalf earlier Friday. McBrayer said his team did not cross-examine Martin "because that’s an incredibly difficult moment for her."


West died on Jan. 12, 2018. That night, the couple returned home from a liquor store with Absinthe and Jameson whiskey, according to testimony during the trial. They both drank, then Jeff took photos of his wife, who posed in a pink bra and panties. According to McBrayer, the two got into an argument, where Jeff grabbed West's phone and threw it out the front door. West ran out to get her phone while wearing only a bra. McBrayer said eff grabbed the Absinthe bottle and hit West on the head, killing her, reports Robbins argued that West fell and hit her head, and noted there was no blood or DNA found on Jeff's clothes or hands.

West died from blunt force trauma, Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences pathologist Dr. Stephen Boudreau testified. He said there was a two-inch long laceration on her skill, with the skin split open. "It was a considerable amount of force to cause an injury like that," Bourdeau said, noting that West likely lost consciousness immediately. "Scalp wounds bleed like’s (the brain) a very vascular structure," he explained.