Olay 'Killer Skin' Super Bowl Ad Stars 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' Alum Sarah Michelle Gellar

Olay released its Super Bowl ad starring Sarah Michelle Gellar on Wednesday morning, and it is a skin care thriller.

Olay is going big with its first Super Bowl ad ever this year. The "Killer Skin" ad features Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Gellar in a horror-comedy role, revealing how quality skin care could affect someone in a Friday The 13th-style situation.

The ad finds Gellar at home with a man on a stormy night, when a masked stranger appears outside their window. The popcorn goes flying as they jump off the couch and run upstairs to avoid the intruder, who walks slowly and menacingly behind them. They crouch behind the bed, but when Gellar tries to call for help, she finds her phone will not unlock with face recognition.

"I've been using Olay," she says with dawning realization. "It has totally transformed my skin. Twenty-eight days ago, I looked like that."

Gellar points to a bedraggled photo of herself on the nightstand, just as the intruder kicks down the bedroom door. Her male companion picks up the frame, amazed by the difference.

"That's bananas!" he says, distracted. Just then, the masked stranger drops down beside Gellar.

"Your skin's glowing," he says in an unlikely New York accent. "You could be a movie star!"

The ad introduces both Olay and Gellar to the world of Super Bowl commercials for the first time. In a press release, Olay noted that 45 percent of NFL fans are women, while about 27 perform of Super Bowl ads star women. The company is getting into the coveted advertising slot in the hops of changing that. Gellar was excited to be a part of it.

"The ad was so much fun to shoot!" she said. "It's a mix of suspense and humor, and it really shows how Olay products transform your skin. I'm sure people will love it."

Olay is sending Gellar to the game in Atlanta on Sunday, along with a "Fearless Squad" made up of Aly Raisman, Kay Adams and several other stars.

"It's going to be great to watch the game with Olay's Fearless Squad," Gellar continued. These women are truly inspiring. They have risen above challenges and attempts to hold them back only to prove it can be done. I look forward to relaxing, laughing and enjoying what I'm sure will be a great game."


"I filmed Scream 2 in Atlanta," she added, "So, I'm thrilled to be going back for the Super Bowl with Olay."

Olay is one of many huge companies pulling out all the stops for this year's Super Bowl. The event has drawn some big celebrity cameos, staged stunts and other promotional antics.