NFL Cheerleader Kneels for National Anthem Before San Francisco 49ers Game

An NFL cheerleader knelt for the National Anthem before a San Francisco 49ers game, apparently marking a first for the organization.

According to Huffpost, the woman took a knee during the team's game against Oakland Raiders on Thursday.

The cheerleader does not appear to have been identified as of yet, but photos from the game have begun to emerge online.

Notably, the national Anthem kneeling protest began with the San Francisco 49ers, when former Quarterback Colin Kaepernick began doing it in 2016 to bring awareness to police brutality.

Prior to the new football season, thr NFL handed down new rules against the protest, but its unclear if those rules apply to cheerleaders.

Many social media users have since commented on the kneeling cheerleader, with many showing support for her.

"This is beautiful! This 49er cheerleader took a knee while all others did what they did! There's something beautiful about this country when we accept everyone," one person tweeted.

"Props to this 49er cheerleader. Thus far the NFL protests have been isolated to players," someone else commented. "Many of the college football cheerleaders who have protested by taking a knee were cut from the squad, harassed, and threatened because of it."

"You have to applaud this brave cheerleader who took the knee as a protest. It took so much bravery given the awful state of US politics. Total respect for her," another Twitter user stated.

While this does appear to be a first for the NFL, at least one person online noted that there have been college cheerleaders participating in the kneeling protest.


"I went to a Dartmouth College football game earlier this fall and a cheerleader (lower right) took a knee during the anthem," the Twitter user stated, while sharing a photo of the moment.

At this time, the San Francisco 49ers organization does not appear to have commented on the situation.