Newborn Baby Named 'Korn' After Hospital Mixup

A Twitter user went viral last week after she claimed hospital staff accidentally named her newborn daughter "Korn" on her daughter's birth certificate. Her daughter was supposed to be named Kora, but a mix-up led to her sharing a name with the metal band. Thankfully, Kora will not be stuck with the name forever, but she will always have a fun story to share.

On April 23, Kelsey Tate of Seattle tweeted that he just received Kora's birth certificate in the mail, after her daughter was born on April 10. Incredibly, the document listed "Korn" as Kora's name. "THE HOSPITAL MESSED UP MY BABY'S NAME, AND WE JUST GOT THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE, AND ITS KORN, MY BABY'S NAME, IS LEGALLY KORN," Tate wrote. In the second tweet, Tate confirmed her daughter's name was supposed to be Kora, which could be "easily fixed." She also joked that she might have been somewhat responsible for the mistake. "There is a chance they may have had me double-check this, but to be fair, I was down a lot of blood at the time," she wrote.

"Since ppl are asking about her intended name: As much as I like the anime, Kora was not named after Legend of Korra," Tate later clarified. "We found the name Kora/Cora in a baby book and went with the K one because my name has a K too... Also, all the popular good names were taken by friends or pets."

On April 26, Tate confirmed that she started the process of officially changing Kora's name. "Kora/Korn does not know she was the main character this weekend," she wrote. "We just mailed the corrections form, which unfortunately was the back of the Korn certificate, so we can't put it in the baby book, but we'll put a scanned version in."

Later, Tate also assured her new fans that she is doing well after giving birth. "Seriously, giving birth is wild, and human bodies are made out of paper," she joked. "I would not recommend it."


After Tate's tweets went viral, people began inundating her with their own stories of mistaken names on birth certificates. It was much more common than she thought, Tate wrote. She also now knows the name of every Korn song because Korn fans spotted her tweet. Tate also learned the "full etymology of the word corn" and that Kora has different meanings in different languages.