National Dog Show: Fans Show Outrage, Have Fun After Some Entrants Fall Short

The National Dog Show is always a big hit with TV watchers this time of year, with some fans showing faux-outrage and having fun with the results, after some of the canine entrants fell short. Ultimately, Thor the Bulldog overcame the odds and beat out more than 2000 other dogs from 193 breeds to claim the Best in Show award, per CNN. This is not sitting will with some National Dog Show fans, however, as many had high hopes for other contestants.

One specific dog that fans seemed to take a liking to was Tyler the terrier. After one Twitter user humorously lashed out about Tyler not advancing, others joined in.

"I wouldn't shut that dog out of anything," one person wrote back. "If Tyler managed to open my fridge and start eating the food inside I'd be like 'well shucks I guess he was hungry.'"

"Tyler and Blaze were ROBBED," another person exclaimed, while someone else quipped, "TYLER IS AN ICON."

While there have been a number of people who wanted other breeds to win, Thor has still had a number of fans cheering on his victory.

"A very charming choice. I selected Thor as the winner BEFORE the judge announced it," one of Thor's fans tweeted.

Thor's trainer, Eduardo Paris was quoted by NBC News as saying, "I love this dog," after his win, then adding, "He's a dog that always gives everything for me."

"He's not just one piece, He's many pieces together — what makes him move like a dream," Paris went on to say. "The outline is beautiful, the head is beautiful — I love this dog."


In the final round of the show, Thor beat out a soft-coated wheaten terrier, a golden retriever, a Siberian husky, a pharaoh hound, an Old English sheepdog and a havanese named Bono to take the victory.

Photo Credit: Mark Makela / Getty Images