Nashville Tornado: Before and After Photos Show Extensive Damage to Nashville Landmark Buildings

Following the intense and massively destructive tornado that hit Nashville, Tennesee, early Tuesday morning, a number of before and after photos have emerged online, showing extensive damage that was done to many of the city's landmark buildings. In photos shared to Twitter, many of the destroyed businesses can be seen the way they looked before the tornado ripped through, and then what was left afterwards. Based on the the locations that seem to have been hit the hardest, it appears that the east side of Nashville suffered the most significant damage.

Many users have since been commenting on the photos, with one writing, "These pictures are amazing. The before & after shots really put the damage into perspective.

"Thank you for taking the time to put this together. Praying for the people of Nashville & the other communities affected by the tornadoes."

"I'm so sad to hear about all these businesses. I hope they can all recover and reopen. I hope no one was hurt. Sending prayers to everyone who was affected," another user wrote.

"As bad as the physical damage is, the loss of human life is even more shocking & heartbreaking. Just heard the total from all 4 counties affected stands at 19 as first responders continue to search for survivors in collapsed buildings. Prayers for all," someone else offered.

"This is breaking my heart. So many friends and favorite places in East Nashville. Was just right there last weekend with my daughter who is at Belmont. Just devastating. Praying for all affected," one other person commented.

"Devastating, prayers up for all our Nashville neighbors. It's sad but this thread does a good job showing the destruction of a tornado and why every warning should be respected. #IBelieveInNashvile is still standing though & all of Tennessee are behind y'all," a fifth user added.


"How do communities even recover from things like this?! I mean the hospital bills, the injuries, the destruction. How do people come back from this?!" one more person wrote.

The tornado death toll is currently at 19 lives lost.