Mysterious UFO Spotted Hovering Over Area 51

A YouTuber recently visited the mountains overlooking Area 51 in Nevada and his footage appears to show something unknown hovering near the mysterious U.S. Air Base.

On May 30, YouTuber Adventures with Christian shared a 22-minute video showing Area 51 from Tikaboo Peak. About 11 minutes into the clip, he describes seeing a white object hovering near the base, and another plane is seen leaving one of the hangars.

Christian edited the video to include arrows pointing to the mysterious activity he is watching. At one point, a caption reading, "just sayin, but that flipping thins is weird! Go back, and check it out better."

"Yeah, there's something moving in there... right there," Christian said in the video. "I swear that moved... This is very exciting for me."

Christian later claims he "hears a jet," and tells his son Sean to look at the planes to see if it is a Janet plane, used to take workers from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas to the base at Groom Lake in Southern Nevada.

The YouTuber's footage also appears to show a HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter at the base, notes the Daily Mail.

Christian has shared more videos of Area 51 on his YouTube page. In his most recent video, published on June 11, he claims the footage shows a Janet jet leaving Area 51 and showing activity at the base.

Area 51 is a classified base and a detachment of Edwards Air Force Base. It is believed the base was used for experimental aircraft and other secret military projects. Due to the secretive nature of the projects, witnesses have claimed to see unidentified flying objects around it, and some even suspect they are alien spacecraft.

In June 2013, the U.S. government finally acknowledged the base's existence after a Freedom of Information Act request. As CNN reported at the time, the documents did not include any sign of alien autopsy rooms or hangars for spaceships. The documents claimed the base was only used to test U-2 and OXCART aerial surveillance programs. The U-2 program surveilled countries around the world, including the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War.

As Popular Mechanics explains, the myths about UFOs at Area 51 started around the time U-2 testing began in July 1955. The planes could reach heights of 60,000 feet, which was far above the altitudes of more familiar aircraft. Commercial airliners reached only between 10,000 and 20,000 feet in the 1950s, and while known military planes could reach 40,000 feet, anything higher than that would look strange to anyone.

More declassified documents showed that Area 51 was involved with testing other aircraft. Google Earth satellite images have also shown that the base continues to be used.


"The forbidden aspect of Area 51 is what makes people want to know what's there," aerospace historian Peter Merlin told Popular Mechanics in 2017. "And there sure is still a lot going on there."

Photo credit: Barry King/WireImage/Getty Images