MLB Star Josh Hader's Inappropriate Tweets Surface During All-Star Game

Some inappropriate tweets that MLB star Josh Hader posted in the past have resurfaced, with fans and teammates reading them while he was pitching during Tuesday's All-Star game.

As Hader stood on the mound and served up a three-run home run to Jean Segura of Seattle Mariners, racist, misogynistic, and homophobic tweets that he sent began to make the rounds.

Vice Sports reports that fans were reading them in the stands, and video shows that even some of his own teammates appeared to be reading them as well.

The majority of Hader's crude tweets were sent in 2011 and 2012, with one reading, "I hate gay people," and another saying that "gay people freak" him out. They also contain frequent uses of the N-word and other racist references.

MLB columnist Jeff Passan reported that "one person wearing a Josh Hader jersey...took it off, turned it inside out and put it back on." He also reported that Hader's own family were ashamed to wear shirts bearing their family name, which sports writer Adam Kilgore confirmed.

Some Twitter users also caught on to some video clips that appear to show some of Hader's All-Star teammates reading the tweets while he was pitching.

They can be seen holding up a cell phone and looking very intently at it, with some noting they appear to be upset.

Following the game, NBC News reported that Hader addressed the tweets, issuing an apology and attempting to explain himself.

"I was young, immature and stupid," Hader stated. "There's no excuses for what was said."

"I was in high school," he went on to explain. "We're still learning who we are in high school. You live and you learn. This mistake won't happen again."


"I'm deeply sorry for what I said," Hader continued. "It doesn't reflect any of my beliefs now."

At this time the Milwaukee Brewers do not appear to have issued a formal statement on the matter.