This Missing Man Was Found Inside a Python

The body of a missing 25-year-old Indonesian man was found inside of a 23-foot-long python.The [...]

The body of a missing 25-year-old Indonesian man was found inside of a 23-foot-long python.

The man, named Akbar, never returned home from working on his palm oil crops the previous day in a remote village on the island of Sulawesi, the New York Post reported. His absence wasn't noticed until the following day, and a near two-day-long search was enacted.

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The search party eventually discovered a 23-foot-long python in the garden where Akbar worked. Villagers reported seeing an impression of a boot on the snake's stomach, which led them to cut open the reptile's engorged carcass.

In the six-minute long video posted to the Tribun Timur publication, villagers are shown slicing open the snake's carcass with a knife to reveal the body of Akbar.

"When its stomach was cut, we first saw his boot and legs near the neck," Junaedi, secretary of Salubiro village in West Sulawesi province, said. "It seems he was attacked from behind because we found a wound on his back."

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Reticulated pythons, which are native to Southeastern Asia and grow to be up to 33 feet in length, grab onto their prey with dozens of sharp curved teeth before suffocating them by strangling them to death. They then swallow their prey whole.

Although it is uncommon for pythons to kill humans, there have been several instances where it has happened, with a recent case in 2013 where two young boys in Canada were killed by a python after it escaped its enclosure. In the wild, the reptiles typically hunt monkeys, pigs, and other animals.