Mint Kit-Kat Bars Might Be Coming to Stores Soon

Store shelves are about to get a little fresher when mint Kit Kats roll out later this year.

According to treat-themed Instagram account @Markie_devo, the Hershey Company is gearing up to roll out the first new Kit Kat flavor in the United States in years: Kit Kat Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate.

"Although we have just passed minter, it does not mean we can't plan for," the account captioned a photo showing the packaging for the alleged new product. "This is the upcoming @kitkat Duos. A mint & dark chocolate mixture with those wafers we oh so love."

According to the account, the new candy, which appears be covered in mint creme on top and dark chocolate on the bottom, is set to hit store shelves sometime in December, around the same time that other brands roll out their mint-flavored treats for the holidays, and fans can't wait to stuff their stockings with the new treat.

"I want some now! Please don't make us wait till Dec," one person wrote.

"I think I'm gonna need this," another added.

"December really? Way too long away," wrote a third.

"The Hershey Kitkat Mint Dark chocolate mini bars are amazing so I assume these are gonna be just as good if not even batter," another commented.

"Yaaaas @kitkat USA needs to keep steeping up their game to the international markets," penned yet another eager consumer.

Currently, the United States only has a handful of Kit Kat flavors to choose from, the variety currently only spanning original, strawberry, white, and dark chocolate, though they often come in festive new packaging for different seasons.


In comparison, Kit Kats around the world have been debuted in truly unique and bizarre flavors. In Japan, for example, candy lovers have been treated to dozens of Kit Kat flavors, including Green Tea Kit Kats, Strawberry Cheesecake Kit Kats, Apple Vinegar Kit Kats, Sweet Potato Kit Kats, as well as Wasabi, Sakura, Choco Banana, Lemon, Sweet Corn, Grape, and dozens more.

Currently, the Hershey Company has not confirmed Kit Kat Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate.