Miley Cyrus' Brother Impersonator Sentenced to Jail

A man from New Hampshire has been sentenced to six months in federal prison after posing as Miley Cyrus’ brother and enticing a 14-year-old boy to send him sexually explicit images and videos.

Brandon Gray, 22, was sentenced in federal court on Monday for possession of child pornography and cyberstalking, Page Six reports.

Court documents claim that Gray had created a fake online identity, alleging to be Miley Cyrus’ brother Brandon Cyrus, and met the 14-year-old online. From 2014-2016, Gray received sexually explicit images and videos from the boy.

The teen eventually discovered that the profile was fake. When he attempted to stop all communication with Gray, the 22-year-old began sending him harassing text messages and emails, including threats to post pornographic images of the teen online.


A search warrant was executed at Gray’s home, where authorities discovered images and videos depicting child pornography.

Gray admitted to possessing child pornography and to creating that fake persona to contact the teenage boy.