Mia Khalifa Taking Heat for Criticizing US Foreign Policy on July 4th

Mia Khalifa is facing some backlash for her words criticizing the United States over the Fourth of [...]

Mia Khalifa is facing some backlash for her words criticizing the United States over the Fourth of July weekend. "I just want to remind you guys on this beautiful Independence Day that all America does is destabilize other countries and then treat refugees and immigrants from those destabilized countries like second-class citizens and trash," she said in her original Instagram story. Though, the former adult film actress isn't backing down from those calling her out.

"If she thinks this country is bad then why is she still living in it," someone commented on the video of Khalifa making the rounds on social media. Khalifa, who is of Lebanese descent, responded to the tweet with a short clap-back. "Because America's funding of Israel destabilized my home country, Kyle (you seem like a Kyle)," she wrote. "Second class is probably still 10x better than wherever they came from. We can't all be kings and queens," another user wrote in the comments under the video. To which, Khalifa quipped "the white supremacy is strong today."

The messages continued, getting more brutal in nature as some resorted to calling her names like "porn freak" and pointing out the fact that she's been banned from her home country due to her previous choice of profession. "Mia Khalifa is banned from her home country but makes bucket loads of cash and lives in luxury in America by flashing her boobs on the internet. Somehow we're the bad guys though, LMFAO," one user tweeted.

This spat isn't the first time Khalifa has used her platform as a place for political activism, and it likely won't be the last. She's criticized the U.S. and other countries for their policies on a number of occasions. In May, she made her views on Israel's occupancy of Palestine by tweeting "The only threat to democracy in the Middle East is Israel." The former adult film star also weighed in on the Indian Farmers protest in February, asking her followers: "What in the human rights violations is going on?! They cut the internet around New Delhi?!"