Melania Trump Goes Blonde Ahead of White House Christmas Celebration

First Lady Melania Trump debuted a brand new look recently. According to HollywoodLife, Trump debuted a blonde hairstyle during the White House's Christmas tree's unveiling for this year. Despite the fact that this year has been marred by the COVID-19 pandemic and the stress of the presidential election, Trump still carried out the tradition, which marks the holiday season's start.

On Monday afternoon, the first lady welcomed the White House's Christmas tree for the 2020 season, upholding a long-standing tradition. During her appearance, Trump debuted a lighter look with her hairstyle, as her tresses appeared to have been dyed a light shade of blonde. The 50-year-old inspected the White House's Christmas tree as she donned her new blonde locks. She also wore a Balenciaga coat with a shawl neckline, knee-high heeled boots, and black leather gloves for the occasion.

According to CNN, Trump emerged from the White House (without a mask on) to greet a horse-drawn carriage that was carrying the tree. The publication noted that this year's tree is from Dan and Bryan Trees, which is owned by Dan and Anne Taylor from West Virginia. Trump posed for photos with the farmers, who wore masks for the occasion but removed them for the photo-op. They then offered a brief "Merry Christmas" greeting to the press before they went inside the White House to place the tree in the Blue Room. The selection of the official White House Christmas tree is traditionally a very competitive process. The process is traditionally overseen by the National Christmas Tree Association, which has provided the official tree every year since 1966. However, the organization said in a statement that there was no formal selection process this year.


"The Taylors have supplied Christmas trees to decorate the White House for a number of years, except of course, the Blue Room tree which comes from NCTA's Grand Champion Grower," the organization said in their statement. There was no formal reason given as to why there was no formal selection process this year. Although, this annual tradition does come amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing trials and tribulations related to the presidential election. On Nov. 7, former Vice President Joe Biden was projected to be the winner of the election. However, President Donald Trump has yet to concede and has vowed to challenge the election's outcome in court.