Meghan Markle's Sister Samantha Fears Her House Is Bugged

Meghan Markle's estranged half-sister Samantha Markle is reportedly living in fear, claiming that her house is bugged.

Markle's status as a British Royal is reportedly wreaking havoc on her paternal family members, at least according to her half-sister. On Tuesday, Samantha, who recently compared Prince Harry to a hamster, claimed on Twitter that her house is bugged and someone is watching her.

"To the morons sitting in the van running a mobile router to tap my phone, close your zippers, your shrinky dinks are visible," she wrote on her private account, according to Cosmopolitan, making good use of a classic GIF of Joey from Friends.

Although she failed to state who she believes is watching her, she did claim that this is not a one-time occurrence, as her previous home had reportedly been bugged as well.

"It cracks me up," she wrote in a second tweet. "And if they put remote cameras on me like they did at my old house I will show them my butt."

In a third tweet, Samantha stated that "we caught them doing it a couple times," and that "they are crazy and so are tabloid readers."

Samantha went into few details though the alleged bugging of her house likely stems from her newfound fame as the sister of a British Royal, a fame that she has drawn out with dozens of scathing interviews and harsh statements on Twitter.

Samantha is not the only Markle living in the shadow of Markle's newfound royal fame. According to sources, the estranged half-sisters' father, Thomas Markle, has been forced into a "semi-nomadic" life in his retirement home located in San Antonio Del Mar, just 13 miles from the drug cartel stronghold of Tijuana.


Thomas now feels like a "sitting duck" over fears that his daughter's status and publicity will paint him as a potential kidnapping target, which has forced him to take drastic measures. Along with changing all of the locks on his home, he has also reportedly begun hiding out in the homes of friends in the coastal town of Rosarito.

Both Samantha and Thomas have become something of a headache for the British Royals since Markle's May 19 wedding to Prince Harry, all but forcing themselves into headlines with their hot takes on the Royal Family. Samantha has been particularly critical of Markle and the British Royals' treatment of Thomas in the wake of the paparazzi scandal that broke in the days leading up to the wedding. Since that scandal, neither Samantha nor Thomas have reportedly had contact with Markle.