Meghan Markle's Mother Doria Ragland Lauded for Her Regal Appearance

Doria Ragland had a front-row seat to watch her daughter Meghan Markle marry Prince Harry at the [...]

Doria Ragland had a front-row seat to watch her daughter Meghan Markle marry Prince Harry at the royal wedding on Saturday.

And even days later, fans on Twitter were still raving about how proud she looked.

"Let's take a moment to honor this beautiful, strong woman; Meghan Markle's Mother, Doria Ragland, who sat alone, a million miles from home, in a situation so foreign to her own life, with grace, dignity, poise & deep love for the child she raised? THAT, is royalty," a fan wrote.

"Meghan Markle's mom Doria Ragland is one of the best things about this royal wedding," a viewer wrote while posting a photo of Ragland from after the ceremony.

"I stand UP for this Lady toDAY!!!! Doria Ragland I say your name!!!! You have represented for ALL of US single Mothers standing by OUR children alone but with GRACE!!!!!" a fan of Ragland's wrote.

"Dear @shondarhimes, Please create a new show based on Doria Ragland. Thank you, The World," a fan wrote to the famous television creator of shows like Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.

"For me a lasting image of the #royalwedding was the dignity and poise of the Duchess of Sussex's mother Doria Ragland," a viewer wrote. "Thrown into the limelight of the Royal family & sitting alone encapsulated everything the day represented. Beautiful lady."

"I'm sorry but I am just in love with Doria Ragland — the love and pride in her eyes, her grace and cool under considerable pressure, her vulnerable and beautiful humanity standing out like a lighthouse in a sea of royalty, entitlement and privilege," another viewer wrote.

"To all single mothers who have struggled to raise their children, Doria Ragland proves that it is all worth it in the end. Why she didn't have a close relative or friend to support her is a mystery. She was star of the show," a Twitter user wrote to single mothers all over the world.

The wedding was viewed by 18 million people back in the United States, taking place at St. George's Chapel at Windsor.