Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Celebrate Together at Palace Party in Midst of Feud Rumors

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton celebrated together at a party on Tuesday in spite of the rumors of a rift growing between them.

Sources close to the royal family have been saying for months that there is tension between Markle and Middleton. If that is the case, they put their feud aside on Tuesday night. Both attended a party at Kensington Palace honoring Prince Charles' 50th anniversary of becoming invested as Prince of Wales, according to a report by PEOPLE.

The Duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge looked friendly with each other in photos from the party, which was hosted by Queen Elizabeth II herself. Markle wore an elegant metallic brocade that fell to her knees, with a simple white coat over it. The pregnant duchess smiled at her sister-in-law, Middleton, who was dressed in a green dress with long ruffled sleeves and a high collar.

(Photo: Dominic Lipinski / POOL / AFP)

This is reportedly the first time Markle and Prince Harry have been seen out with Middleton and Prince William since Christmas Day, when all four attended church services together in Sandringham. This has fueled rumors that the two women are at odds with each other, along with gossip coming out of the palace.

"An ordinary woman is not going to get to become a princess," a source inside Kensington Palace told PEOPLE. "There is a necessary strength of character and ambition and single-mindedness. It takes someone really strong. That is Kate and Meghan."

After Tuesday's party, group royal sightings may become more common again. The four have a lot of major events coming up, including Markle's panel honoring International Women's Day on Friday, and Middleton and Prince William's appearance in Blackpool on Wednesday. It is unclear whether the royals will be out supporting each other for these occasions, although they are all expected to attend a Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey in London with the Queen on Monday.

Back in January, author Robert Jobson spoke to Sunrise about the rumored enmity between Markle and Middleton. Jobson wrote an authoritative biography on Princess Diana, and he suggested that Prince Charles himself "knocked heads together," putting an end to the feud. Jobson speculated that this happened at Christmas.

"I think there's no smoke without fire," Jobson said of the rumors. "I do think it has been blown up a little bit, but there have obviously been a few problems between the two ladies and even between the two princes. There's some truth in the rumors."


These days, the two ladies are putting up a united front. They are even standing together against cyberbullying, judging by Kensington Palace's new guidelines on interacting with official royal social media platforms.

"We ask that anyone engaging with our social media channels shows courtesy, kindness and respect for all other members of our social media communities," the guidelines read. Many believe that they were outlined as gossip and angry comments continue to flair up against the two duchesses.