Meet the 'Real-Life Barbie' Who Spent Over $150K to Become a Living Doll

Some people will go to great lengths to look like the people they admire. Few have gone as far as Tatiana "Tanya" Tuzova, dubbed the human Barbie, according to LAD Bible.

Not only does Tuzova, 32, have an extensive collection of the classic Mattel dolls worth about $156,000, but she's gone to great lengths to transform into a living, breathing Barbie. She told the outlet she lives a lonely life, focused mostly on recording songs and going out of her way to live a life fit for the iconic doll.

"I work, record songs, do gigs, receive awards, produce clothes for children and grown-up girls, and rent out a photo studio," she said, noting that all these efforts are Barbie-related. "All of my everyday clothes are pink. I don't get tired of pink, it has lots of shades."

Tuzova's even undergone plastic surgery to appear more Barbie-like. She told LAD Bible she had surgery on her breasts after giving birth to her now-11-year-old son, Zhenya. Tuzova told the outlet she "had to have it fixed." She also told the outlet her current husband — her fifth — is in the medical, but didn't name him.

"He is a doctor and can fix your back," she said. "We met at his work and then I conquered him with my karaoke voice. Now he makes me Barbie-style presents — recently it was a pink Mini Cabrio."

Her dreams of becoming Barbie took flight after she tried her hand at teaching young children. According to LAD Bible, she was only pulling in about $92 a month from that job, plus an additional $28 monthly from a cleaning gig. Tuzova explained that this dream — becoming Barbie — is more than a job for her.

"It was too sad to imagine my beautiful self cleaning floors. Barbie is [not my job; it is] a lifestyle," she said. "When I am insulted on the internet, I tell people: 'I don't drink or smoke or swear. I instill a healthy lifestyle to children."

Tuzova said that most people, whether they're critics or fans, haven't been interested in her as a person. Most just want answers to their superficial questions. She was adamant, however, that she has more to offer than her appearance.

"They are not interested [in] how many kind and good things I've done. They have to know my age, how many times I was married, what surgeries I had, and the color of my underwear," she shared. "The most important thing is to have your individuality. Everyone is the same now. But it is hard to copy me."

"I've been working on my style for many years and invested a lot of money into it," she added.


Eventually, Tuzova plans to change her name to Barbie to fully take on the persona she's been striving toward.