McDonald's Seeking Big Mac Fans for New Project

McDonald's is seeking Big Mac fans for a new project the company is working on, and they are [...]

McDonald's is seeking Big Mac fans for a new project the company is working on, and they are paying handsomely.

According to Project Casting, the fast food chain is looking for regular, "every day" fans of their menu to submit a casting application for what is being referred to as a "focus group," but may also be related to a new commercial the business is producing.

"Tiffany Company Casting is looking NATION WIDE for fun, outgoing, individuals and couples AGES 25-35 who are HUGE (we're talking THE BIGGEST) SUPERFANS of the BIG MAC for a PAID Focus Group!" the press release regarding the project and casting reads.

"We're talking about THE REAL DEAL HERE! If you can't stop RAVING about it to your friends... If you just MUST always post photos on your Instagram or Twitter... If you just CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP proclaiming your LOVE for the BIG MAC... Then WE WANT YOU!!!" it adds.

The application information goes on to share that the casting agency handling the hiring will be conducting "brief 5-10 minute PRE-INTERVIEWS via Skype or FaceTime" on Dec, 22 and 29, 2018 (both Saturdays), and on Thursday, Jan. 3, 2019.

No acting experience is required, and in fact it's preferred that applicants have none at all.

If selected, focus group members will be flown to Los Angeles, California (all expenses covered) on Jan. 7 and/or Jan. 8, 2019, and will be paid up to $600 a day for participating.

On the application itself, fans are prompted to express their love for the Big Mac by answering some questions in an essay, such as:

-How often do you eat it?
-Why do you love it?
-Describe the perfect Big Mac
-What's your favorite part?
-Why are YOU the Big Mac's BIGGEST FAN?!? How do you show it?

"Do you constantly post about it on Social Media? Do you have a ritual when eating your Big Mac? Do you have a room dedicated to the Big Mac? How do YOU show your devotion?" The application inquires.

Fans are also invited to share social media links to posts they themselves have made that serve as evidence that they are in fact a big fan of McDonalds and the Big Mac.

Anyone who is interested in applying can access the sign up sheet here. After filling out a few details about yourself and your love of Big Macs you could possibly be on your way!