McDonald's Pumpkin Pies Have Returned Just in Time for Thanksgiving

Holiday season is officially in full swing, as Halloween as officially over, and that means various seasonal menu items are making their return at eateries around the country.

At McDonald's, one of those items is the chain's pumpkin pies, which are now back at participating locations.

McDonald's Pumpkin Pies are shaped in a turnover style and baked in a flaky crust dusted with cinnamon sugar. Inside is a smooth pumpkin filling that looks like a dead ringer for the classic Thanksgiving dessert.

(Photo: McDonald's)

Similar to the other pies McDonald's offers, the Pumpkin Pies are baked daily in-store and arrive in a box proclaiming, "bursting with flavor, baked with love," Delish revealed.

The dessert is a limited-time-only item, so if you're craving that sweet, sweet pumpkin flavor, you'd better hurry to your nearest McDonald's before the seasonal treat disappears for the year.

McDonald's is one of a handful of fast-food locations that have debuted pumpkin-flavored goodies for the fall season, though they're seemingly one of the last to do so. Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts and others have already seen customers enjoying their pumpkin offerings for weeks, which include lattes, coffee, pastries and more.

The return of the sweet treat has seemingly divided the Internet, with plenty of users thrilled to see the seasonal option make its way to McDonald's menus.

One person called the pies "fire."

"I just had a pumpkin pie at McDonald's and it was by far the best pumpkin pie I ever had," wrote one user.

Others compared the pumpkin option unfavorably to McDonald's Apple Pie, which is a year-round menu staple.

"McDonald's Limited Edition Pumpkin Pie: not terrible, but not sure it's better than apple," one user opined, grading the pumpkin pies a "Solid B."


One person wrote that despite the hype, they would not be deterred from their usual order.

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