McDonald's Pulls Latest Radio Ad After Offending Listeners

Normally a McDonald's radio ad makes you want to stop by for a burger and fries. But when one of their latest ads hit Canadian airwaves, all it did was tick people off.

The 15-second ad compared what it's like to spend five dollars at McDonald's versus spending five dollars at a museum.

"You could get a museum tour for $5," a male narrator says in the ad.

A woman playing the part of a museum guide then interjects.

"There were dinosaurs and then there weren't," she says. "Okay then, exit through the gift shop!"

The narrator then jumps back in to say five dollars gets them a value meal at the fast food restaurant.

While some my find the ad to be funny, it ended up angering the higher-ups at many museums throughout Canada.

"I get that it's probably intended to be funny, but it's insidious," Exploration Place CEO Tracy Calogheros said in an interview with CBC Radio West. "It targets the exact demographic that we're trying to reach, young families with kids... to tell people that you're better off going to McDonald's than you are going to an educational institution for an informal learning session."

The ad convinced enough angry listeners to call McDonald's Canada and ask for the commercial to be pulled from the airwaves.

Adam Grachnik, External communications manager for McDonald's Canada, told CBC via email that the company had listened to the complaints and would be removing the advertisement.

"It was meant as a humorous way of promoting the new $5 McPick Meal Deal, and in no way meant to offend," Grachnik. "We appreciate that museums are trusted, respected and informative places about Canadian culture and apologize for any offence."


Calogheros heard the news and and accepted the company's apology.

"I think it was very sincere," Calogheros said. "I never thought McDonald's went out with the ad campaign trying to offend museums... I just think they missed the mark."