McDonald's Adds Grilled Chicken Wrap to Kid's Menu

The McDonald's Happy Meal menu is growing by one, the Golden Arches announcing the addition of the Grilled Chicken Wrap.

The next time that the little ones head to the Golden Arches, they can opt for a healthier menu choice – the newly introduced Grilled Chicken Wrap.

Described as a non-fried chicken option wrapped in a soft tortilla wrap, the newest Happy Meal menu item comes in at 181 calories, slightly higher than the 173 calories in Happy Meal Chicken McNuggets, and only 2.9 grams of fat. The new addition proves to be a much healthier option in comparison to other Happy Meal items, like the cheeseburger, Crispy Chicken Wrap, and fish fingers.

Parents and kids have the option to customize the new wrap, with options to add cucumber, pickles, onion, tomato, and various sauces, according to The Sun. They can further customize their Happy Meal by opting for carrot sticks or a fruit bag in place of French fries and an organic bottle of milk or a bottle of water in place of pop.

The decision to add a healthier option to Happy Meals came after the popular fast food chain entered into a six-month collaborative effort with popular parenting forum Mumsnet. After asking mothers what they wished to see added to the menu, eight out of 10 answered that there should be a grilled chicken option for children.

The Grilled Chicken Wrap, available in stores across England and Ireland, is just the latest in McDonald's movement to make their popular and iconic Happy Meals healthier.

In February, the Golden Arches announced that they had decided to remove cheeseburgers and chocolate milk from their popular Happy Meal menu in the United States in an effort to make the kids meal more health-conscious. The removal of the menu items meant that, on average, Happy Meals contained 20% less calories, 50% less added sugars, 13% less saturated fat, and/or 17% less sodium.

The move was immediately met with criticism from long-time lovers of the infamous kid's meal.

"McDonald's is turning the 'Happy Meal' into the 'Sad Meal.' Seriously when I want to eat healthy I don't go to McDonalds, I go there for junky fast food once in a while to have a change/break," one person commented on Twitter.

However, the cheeseburger and chocolate milk options were still available upon customer request.


The Golden Arches also announced at the time that they were working on a new recipe for chocolate milk that would contain less sugar.