McDonald’s Unveils Fresh 'Hot off the Grill' Beef

McDonald's is changing its game, having recently unveiled that the fast-food chain will now start serving "hot off the grill" beef.

In an announcement on Tuesday, McDonald's said that it has added fresh Quarter Pounder beef patties in around 3,500 domestic restaurants to date, and plans to get fresh beef in 14,000 U.S. locations by mid-Spring.

Unfortunately, McDonald's locations in Alaska and Hawaii are not currently scheduled to receive fresh beef burgers, but CNBC does not report if McDonald's restaurants in those states will never be included.

The Golden Arches chain has been working on a fresh beef plan for a while now, having recently tested it the American heartland.

In early January, it was reported that McDonald's was testing out "fresh, never-frozen beef patties" in several restaurant's around Tulsa, Oklahoma.

At the time, it was merely an experiment, but McDonald's had tried it once before, back in 1996, as noted by Today. They launched the Arch Deluxe burger, which featured never-frozen beef, but quickly discovered that, while it wasn't a total failure, it wasn't a complete success either.

McDonald's may be trying to become a more all-encompassing-competitor with chain's like Wendy's, who have had a "fresh, never-frozen beef patties" business model for awhile, since their current model is already a contender against similar models like Burger King's.

Wendy's recently served up some fresh beef of their own on Twitter, taking a shot at McDonald's on National Compliment Day.

The fast food franchise posted a tweet on Jan. 24 that read, "Compliments are like opposite roasts. Since it's [National Compliment Day], tweet us a tweet and we will compliment you so hard."

Many took them up on their offer, but one follower encouraged them to "compliment" their competition, McDonald's.

Wendy's took no time in firing back with a decidedly sarcastic response. "They are absolutely amazing at freezing beef," Wendy's tweeted.

Many people on Twitter found this to be the internet's peak moment for the day, with one user responding, "It's about frozen meat and yet it's still a burn."

"McDonald's is like 'what can I do to stop Wendy's taking shot at us,' " tweeted another Twitter follower.


Moments later, another user commented to Wendy's saying, "Hi you're better than McDonald's," to which the Ohio-based burger company tweeted back, "We think you're better than them too!"