McDonald's Employee Reveals How Onions Are Made in Viral TikTok, and the Internet Has Thoughts

Another video showing how a fast-food chain really makes its food went viral on TikTok last month. This time, the video showed how McDonald's prepares the onions that are later tossed on customers' sandwiches. The post sparked a conversation among TikTok users, including some who were shocked by the process of rehydrating dehydrated food.

In the video, a TikTok user who goes by the name Justin Albert showed himself opening a pack of dehydrated onions. He then put ice cubes in the package, before pouring hot water in it. This rehydrated the onions so they could be put on sandwiches. Since publishing the video, it has received over 1.2 million likes and over 23,000 comments. "Y'all can't just chop some onions," one person wrote. "Thank God I always say no onions," another wrote. "They're probably not the freshes but they're just dehydrated," another noted.


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Others were surprised that people were shocked to see how it was made. "So what y'all want from McDonald's?" one person asked. "Still gonna eat it [though]," another wrote. Some McDonald's workers focused on the TikTok user putting ice in the container. "Not sure on your position, as a former assistant manager, [you're] not supposed to put ice in there," read one comment. "At my location, the water doesn't get that cold," Albert wrote in response.

Since there have been stories of fast-food employees getting fired for showing how the kitchens work, a few fans were concerned about Albert getting fired as well. However, he still appears to have the job. As recently as this week, he posted videos from inside the McDonald's location he works at. Earlier this week, he shared a video of how the hash brown patties are made.

The hash brown post caused an even bigger shock to Albert's followers. Many were shocked to see how dirty the oil looked. "Y'all ain't clean ur oil??" one person asked. "I'm sorry but the oil," another person wrote, adding a sick emoji. "Guys if you don't like how dirty the oil is [then] simply don't eat at McDonald's," one person wrote. "We clean it like twice a day. We can't all the time because you guys are constantly ordering the hash browns. When do you think we really have the time? Besides only the maintenance can clean it. Not normal workers."


McDonald's made a big announcement this week, but it had nothing to do with changing its methods. Earlier this week, McDonald's said the fan-favorite Hi-C Orange Lavaburst drink will be back in soda fountains nationwide by June, reports CNN. The drink had been missing for four years after Sprite Tropic Betty was introduced. McDonald's even created a special website so fans can find the closest location where the drink has already returned.