McDonald's Customers Can Get This One Item for Free, According to Employee

A trip to McDonald's may typically leave guests out a few bucks, but it turns out that there is one item on the McDonald's menu that customers can score for completely free. Amid the ongoing TikTok trend of employees sharing hacks and secrets from their jobs, a former employee of the fan-favorite fast-food chain revealed in a video earlier this month that there is one item customers can get for free: pickles.

Batoul S, who worked for the fast-food chain in Australia when she was a teenager and who goes by the TikTok username @halalfoodsydney, revealed the reported hack in a video shared to her account earlier in January revealing "3 things you didn't know about McDonald's." Among those three secrets, according to Batoul, was the fact that customers can get "a whole tub" of McDonald's pickles, which are used on items including the chain's renowned burgers, for free. Sharing that "pickles are free, so you can actually go and ask for like a whole tub of it," Batoul said they "used to get pregnant women coming in all the time."


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In her video Batoul, who added the disclaimer, "I have never done any of these," also revealed a few other secrets that most McDonald's lovers likely didn't know. According to the video, the frustrating scenario of McDonald's broken ice cream machines is typically due to human error. Batoul revealed that "sometimes when we used to say the ice cream machine was broken, it actually wasn't. But someone accidentally put shake mix into the ice cream mix." Another secret Batoul included was, "If we were out of skim milk and we needed to go get another bottle, I've seen someone do this, they use full-cream milk."

It remains unclear if all of the TikTok user's reveals are true. At this time, McDonald's has not commented on the apparent free pickles. Some fast-food lovers in the comments of Batoul's post seemed to suggest that free pickles were a thing of the past, with one person writing, "I think they charge for pickles now," with somebody else commenting, "Pickles might be free where you live but def not in Sweden or Europe."


The apparent free pickles are just the latest news to come out centered around McDonald's. Earlier this month, it was reported that some franchisees of the fast-food chain have begun shortening hours in response to staff shortages nationwide. It was recommended that customers contact their local McDonald's restaurant to find out if it is impacted by the change.