McDonald's Fans Begging for Hi-C to Be Put Back on Menu

Certain McDonald's items have a bit of a cult following, to say the least, with fans often imploring the fast-food chain to bring back or keep certain items on its menu.

The latest item to be requested by fans is the drink Hi-C Orange, which McDonald's announced it was dropping from its menu in August 2017. The company announced in April that it would replace Hi-C Orange with a new soda, Sprite TropicBerry.

It seems that fans haven't forgotten about the orange drink, with many taking to social media to express their wish that the product return to the McDonald's menu.

The demands appeared to be prompted by the limited return of Szechuan sauce, which itself was prompted by demand from Rick and Morty fans. This seems to prove that McDonald's hears its customers' requests, though there's no telling whether it will listen to this one.

In addition to Hi-C, some fans requested that items like root beer and the chain's Fried Apple Pies return the menu as well, airing their grievances on the company's Facebook page.


It seems customers aren't the only ones missing Hi-C, with the cover photo of the Facebook page "McDonald's Worker Memes" featuring a shot that reads, "In Memory of HI-C ORANGE LAVABURST."

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